Thank you for taking the time to visit Yes Ma’am Community Initiatives (YMCI). We’ve been officially serving the community for over 12 years and unofficially for generations. We do what we do because it’s a necessity as human beings to improve upon our condition.

YMCI, formerly known as Yes Ma’am Food Service, began with the idea of nourishing many with fresh and affordable food prepared with love. Over the years we evolved to position ourselves to feed the community with not only food, but educational resources, extra curricular outlets and mental health support.

As the nonprofit leg to BlackLantern Media (BLM) and DNA – Discovering New Adventures, YMCI welcomes future partners to come and enjoy our unique approach to tackling food disparities and community angst. Click on the links to see how we do what we do.

Yes Ma’am Community Initiatives a.k.a. Yes Ma’am Food Service is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity, EIN : 80-0590001